Saturday, June 30, 2012

What would you do with no power?

photo: Rockett St. George

We had a terrible storm blow in last night, with incredible wind gusts, sheets of rain, thunder and lightning, the whole shebang. Although our lights flickered and flashed on and off like a horror film, we have maintained electricity. I am incredibly grateful for this (as I watch my three year old dance around the living room and my elderly grandmother sleeps in the next room over), but have heard that as much as 75 percent of the state of West Virginia is without power. We are the lucky, the few.

Power is expected to be restored to much of the area by Monday, July 2nd. Even though we are at home comfortable in our a/c (it is 96 degrees outside at the moment), I feel awful for those who are suffering through this. Then I began thinking, how would we live without power for several days?

I found a couple of sites that had some valuable information that wasn't too far-fetched. I'm not fond of the conspiracy theorists and fear-mongering types, but the advice of these sites made me feel educated and empowered to be prepared. To that I say, "READ ON!"

Surviving power outages for several days, just in case, and emergency food ideas because a girl's gotta eat!

Time for me to go find someone to help!


Do you have any survival tips or anything you've picked up while camping or experiencing country living?

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