Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas (albeit two days late)! It has been a CRAZY semester, but the blog has been on my mind so I thought, "Post something, woman!" 

We've had a lot of family in and out of the house this week, and it's been great! With my niece and son in the house so much, I've constantly been trying to get some old (and new) holiday traditions started. Here are some that we have started...

Decorating the Christmas tree - My mom has had a themed Christmas tree for as long as I can remember, and it's always been such a beautiful sight. It is usually full of cranberry red and gold glass ornaments, curling ribbons scaling the sides of the tree, and a fabulous bow on top (don't forget the white lights!). However, a one and four year old in the house does not merit for glass ornaments, and my strong-willed child demanded a star in place of the bow this year. Mimi was nice enough to make these changes, and I think Kaden did an excellent job decorating the family's tree.

Christmas pajamas! - I was super late on shopping this year and couldn't find any quirky or super-fun pajama sets for the kids. I already have a running track record of epic PJ photos with my son, and I hope to pick up the ball again next year!

Baking - This tradition started as a way to beat the sloping economy. The Christmas lists got longer and dollars were being stretched: enter the baked goods. We've been making biscotti, scones, and cookies non-stop as gifts for family and friends, as well as snacks for ourselves (a post on this later!). It's been a great way to get the kids in the kitchen to get their hands dirty and to spend some quality time together!

Santa's Cookies and Milk/Reindeer Food - Along with the holiday baking, Santa's chocolate chip cookies are a HUGE deal. Served with a giant glass of milk and a large bowl of carrots for the reindeer, we make sure that Kris Kringle and his buddies are well taken care of.

Christmas Dinner - It can be a hodgepodge of things, but there's always the underlying theme of great seafood. Linguine, crusted salmon, scallops; it's all good to us!

Movie Night - It's pretty self-explanatory; we get together and watch tons of movies on Christmas night  as the adrenaline and sugar-rushes slowly come down. Quality family time in front of the tube!

What about you guys? Any traditions, new and old? 

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