Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do you buy yourself flowers?

I am dutifully keeping up with the steps of The January Cure from Apartment Therapy (snicker, snicker) and am loving this positive outlook I have for my space! However, the instructions for Day 3 of the process pleasantly caught me by surprise...

There were the expected chores and decluttering tips. At the top of the list, though: buy yourself flowers! I love this tip; I think it's amazing how much just glancing at a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your space can uplift your mood. I have such a lovely feeling when someone else buys me flowers, and when I think about it I have the same response when I buy them for myself.

It's certainly one of the most inexpensive changes I can think of to make to your space, and it makes such a huge impact on not only the surroundings but also your own spirits. Therefore, I have a new habit/resolution: buy my home flowers weekly. I'll think of it as a gift to everyone in the house!

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Give it a try; whether it's roses, peonies (my personal favorite), an orchid, or baby's breathe (yes, they're super simple and delicately beautiful on their own!),  I bet it uplifts you. :)



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