Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning with Apartment Therapy!

Hey there!

While looking around on Apartment Therapy (one of my favorite sites to find tips for sprucing up your home) I came across The January Cure!

Essentially, The January Cure is a step-by-step program that gradually gets you to a more organized, cozy, and happy house. I have this really annoying tendency to spread out wherever I am...there is a trace of me everywhere in this house (an earring, a journal, my lip balm: all dead giveaways). That, on top of my excellent skills in procrastination, can cause the clutter to get overwhelming, so I usually wave my white flag.

That is what makes the daily program from Apartment Therapy an absolute LIFE SAVER. With just a few steps, I'm finally getting off my bum and getting some things done around here! FINALLY!!!

The updates are via email, so if you'd like to join up, click here! Go have a look!


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