Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Have you ever considered going vegan?

I've always thought that I could be a vegetarian, but the idea of being vegan always seemed too daunting and extreme. Then K's allergies came into play, and ideas like baking without eggs or dairy (which he's allergic to) became my reality. Also, after my brother and sister-in-laws' pig roast wedding reception at which K saw a dead pig get roasted over open flame (all after reading Charlotte's Web), he has repeatedly told me that we should consider not eating things that come from animals. Poor little guy...

Still, meat substitutes like seitan and tempeh always freaked me out a little. But the other day I came across this great cookbook and just couldn't put it down...

I picked up a copy of Isa Does It at my local mom & pop bookstore (support your local businesses!!!...and then I digress...) and when I say it's amazing IT IS AMAZING. The recipes are totally relatable and appeal to my love of comfort foods and hearty dishes people can rally around. Think cozy bowls of fresh ingredients with yummy sauces or gravies, Korean BBQ portobello burgers, or strawberries & cream bread pudding. Listen, I'm not lying here.

It amazed me how approachable the recipes and their ingredients are, how beautiful the pictures are, and how engaging her writing is. She's just freaking cool. 

So, the plan (since I always have one): to start out with just one recipe per week from the cookbook. Perhaps Meatless Monday will become Vegan Monday? Keep in mind, I'm not making a huge political statement by doing this, although I know there are some benefits to consider. We're just getting out feet wet, here. 

Isa Moskowitz also has a great website and blog called Post Punk Kitchen. Please go check it and her book out if you're even a little interested; seriously, you won't be disappointed!

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