Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello, We're On the Allergy-Free Train!

This past semester has felt like one of the craziest ever...I swear I say that every semester, but I'm telling you this time it's true! We've been through daycare debacles, food allergies, week-long spurts of sickness, and the incredible life juggle of school, work, school, and every little thing in between. Of these, I think K's food allergies have been the most challenging.

The beginning of picnic season

After biting into a nut-laden chocolate chip cookie at a student art show opening, little man had a full-on allergic reaction; gross throat-clearing noises and the physical scratching of the roof of his mouth with little grimy fingers comes to mind. We avoided nuts for a while, then eventually got an allergy test that revealed *drumroll please*..........allergies to MILK, EGGS, WHEAT, PEANUTS (and some additional tree nuts), and SHRIMP! Whaaaaaa???

It shocked me completely; I mean, we're talking full life-style changes here! After freaking out and "gradually switching him to allergy-free foods" (also known as cheating on the diet...I was still in the freaking out phase. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.), we went dairy, egg, gluten, shell-fish, and nut free. It's a serious journey, but I'd like to document a little of it here. Hopefully this will help someone...umm...let me rephrase.
The official face of finals and food allergy concerns. Refreshing? Why, yes. 

Hopefully, this will help me vent my frustrations in a healthy and productive way. You know, instead of sitting on the floor and crying silently in front of an open refrigerator with no idea what to pack K for lunch. It was a rough day in allergy-free paradise.

I do hope you'll come back and check it out...even after this ridiculously long post! I know that this sounds a little dreadful at times. While it can be overwhelming for us, it is amazing how even the smallest wins can feel like the greatest triumphs.

Captain Underpants!

For little (and grown up) allergy-free bodies everywhere!

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