Thursday, May 23, 2013

Labeling Those GMOs - A Petition

After discovering K's food allergies, I became really interested in food: where it comes from, how it is processed, and how it gets to our tables and pantries. While learning, I find myself also trying to get away from these "processes" and factory made foods. You could understand (I hope) the frustration and anger I had when I discovered that this is simply not enough.

Enter the Monsanto Company.

To some, maybe the theory of genetically modified seeds that can withstand the pesticides created by that company makes sense in light of a growing world population. Then again, what have I just said? Genetically modified? Pesticides?!

Is the human body built to process GMO'S effectively and healthily? And since we're discussing the health of a growing population, does a product that can cause health problems and ultimately effect the health of the earth (and soil in which the produce is growing) really help this growing population? If our soil is depleted by poor farming methods and said pesticides, are we really getting any of the supposed nutritional value in these fruits, vegetables, and grains that are being grown (and in turn, on the livestock that feeds off of that land)? And since we're looking at this "circle of life", what about the insects that are necessary to the growth of food, like bees? When has "producing more with less" ever been a way of creating anything exceptional ? Why are we settling with our food?!

photo credit; Packaging Revolution

Starting slowly and taking the time to learn more is typically my way of addressing such issues, so when I saw this petition to keep the legislature from stopping the labeling of GMO products, I went for it. The more I learn, the bigger the steps become.

I believe education on this subject and proper food labeling of GMO-containing products are imperative. If you feel similarly about Monsanto's GMO's and the standards in the labeling of GMO foods, please check out and sign this petition.

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