Sunday, May 26, 2013

Middle of the Week...A Quick Drama

Last week I was on a roll making menus, shopping, having things cooked at the beginning of the week, and meals all set out when...

I've been using a mix of pins from Pinterest (which I sometimes convert to allergy-free) and Elizabeth Gordon's Simply Allergy-Free. In the middle of a hectic week, converting recipes to allergy-free meals takes a lot of mental energy. Just imagine how I felt when I was behind a day in meals and was searching frantically to find my cookbook... once again, staring into the refrigerator with a child going ballistic in the background. It looks a little like this...

It's a lonely feeling. Needless to say, I went out to Books-a-million to purchase another one, and now all is well again.

Gordon's recipes are fairly simple to make and I can easily find most of the ingredients. While I'm one who enjoys starting a meal from scratch (I find the chopping, mixing, and kneading involved to be very therapeutic), a few staple meals that I know K will eat are ALWAYS necessary for the weekly meal mash up. A good cookbook can help you keep your sanity, so thanks Elizabeth Gordon.

Another cookbook I'd like to try (that isn't necessarily allergy-free...maybe this is just for me?):

Kathy Brennan and Caroline Campion's Keepers

Photo: Devil & Egg 

How cool is this cover? Kathy Brennan is a former editor at Saveur and a former writer at Gourmet, while Caroline Campion is a contributing editor at Glamour Magazine and former editor for Saveur as well. Campion is also the writer for food blog Devil & Egg, which I read regularly. I love how honest she is, how fascinating her food finds are, and how good her dishes look and taste! Their cookbook is available for pre-order now.

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