Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cherish Yourself: Some of the Best Advice I've Ever Read


Guys...I just read THE. BEST. ADVICE. EVER. I know that sounds really dramatic...I have a lot of life to live and a lot of advice to seek. Seriously, though, this is great. I was reading A Cup of Jo, rehashing breakup strategies from Joanna Goddard's newly single assistant Caroline, when she included a link to this Ask Polly letter and the response that inspired her. Do yourself a favor and read it here.
My favorite quote (of several favorites):

"You are here. Sit down. Feel your potential in this moment. You have accepted too little for too long. That is changing today. Breathe in. Draw a picture of yourself. Tape it to the wall, with the words: YOU ARE HERE. You are here. Cherish yourself."

I know the simplicity of the advice that Polly gives, but it's so big for women and absolutely HUGE for a someone like me who likes to keep the peace and make everyone else happy.

So, I'll work on forgetting the other, and really decide what I want. I'll cherish who I am and be that woman, fearlessly. Amen to that. 

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