Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fun on Society6 - Felicita Sala Illustrations

While obsessing over art pieces to hang on my walls and trying to scope out new artists on Society6, I found a new favorite...

Photo: 'the swing' by Felicita Sala (via Society6)

Have you seen Felicita Sala's illustrations? They take me to such a happy place; I love each and every one.

I've been eyeing several, including a few of Sala's recipe illustrations. Seriously, how fantastic are these?!
Photo: Illustrated recipes: fig and goat cheese salad by Felicita Sala
I really enjoy feeling connected to pieces I hang at home. Society6 is neat in follow artists you like, visit their pages, read their stories, and really get a feel for who the artists are. While these pieces may not be ones that an artist friend from college painted, they're ones that I love and look forward to purchasing and displaying in the near future (cough cough, Style Cure, cough cough).

If you're looking, Felicita Sala's work can also be found here, here, and here. Enjoy!

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