Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Mash Up

Happy Friday!!! This week has been one for the books, and I'm SO glad the weekend is here. I imagine myself relaxing in a spa-like retreat sort of situation, but I will more likely be chasing a rambunctious 5 year old (who is hyped up on popsicles) around with a water gun in my parents' backyard. So, what are you doing this weekend?
Here's a little mash-up of things old and new that I liked on the good ole' net this week, and I hope you have a fantastic (and long) Labor Day weekend!

Sarah Coates' food blog The Sugar Hit has the most amazing looking sweets AND streetfood!

Vogue's 73 Questions videos-- while the others feel a bit rehearsed at times, SJP never lets me down.

MAC Cosmetics has a line coming out honoring The Simpsons! Would you wear it?

Just a handy dandy list of Labor Day sales from Refinery29.

I found this article from RealSimple on "sliding" into relationship decisions interesting and so relevant.

Enjoy! XO

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