Friday, August 22, 2014

"The Theory of Everything" - Life and Love of Stephen Hawking

I was reading A Cup of Jo the other day and came across the trailer of "The Theory of Everything", a film covering the lives and relationship of Jane and Stephen Hawking. The film itself looks to be incredibly awe-inspiring and love-stricken, but I began to wonder how it would all end...
Photo: Tünde Németh's "Stephen Hawking" Pinterest

I've previously looked into Stephen Hawking; I've actually been on this quest for men and women that K and I can admire (like superheroes) because of their mind, imagination, resilience, anything NOT based on just muscles and beauty. Hawking's story is so admirable, and learning of another side through his first wife Jane should prove to be interesting. Then I thought, "what about the messy business of it all; the frustration, the sadness, experiencing a divorce, and so on?" How would the movie portray these hardships while still projecting the beauty of such a life?

I went down the internet rabbit hole a bit and also came across an NPR article that shared the same sentiment (and made me not feel like a complete pessimist). How, exactly, would Focus Features do it?

The most poignant line of the article that applies SMACK DAB into the middle of my life was this:

"It's important that even an exemplary, heroic life can still be messed up, ferocious, flawed and broken -- but not so broken that it isn't beautiful. That's the thing to remember about Stephen Hawking -- that he gambled everything, and then, in his own way, he won, and lost -- like all the rest of us."

He won, and lost -- like all the rest of us.

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