Sunday, July 22, 2012

Food Pickin'!

We just got back from our family reunion today (tons of fun, hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon!), but we kept the family festivities going right in our front yard! My brother picked up his daughter "JordyBug" and my son Kaden declared it "food pickin' time"! 

This year my mom extended her flower bed and added some edible plants to the beautiful mix. The result has been a few home-grown strawberries and TONS of humongous tomatoes! It really is such a great idea, as these plants are often beautiful with the surrounding flowers and give great produce.

The kids had a blast picking the produce off the vine for their "vegetable salads and fruit salads". Yay for healthy little eaters! 

Popsicles included :)
Happy food pickin'!

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