Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's for Dinner? Morning Chicken Kabobs!

Happy Healthy Summer Week! I hope all is well - I'm feeling great! Now for the food!

I love the blog Devil & Egg by Caroline, an amazing mom of two who happens to also be a contributing editor at my favorite magazine: Glamour! A few weeks ago, I came across her "Morning Chicken" post with some ideas on marinating meats in the morning for dinner later. Quick, easy, and incredibly flavor-boosting indeed!

photo: Devil & Egg

I made morning chicken once for tacos as suggested in the post, and they turned out even better than I expected. So while observing July 4th, I've decided that I will cut chicken breasts into chunks, marinade them in Caroline's recipe, and make kabobs to be cooked on the grill. Along with cherry tomatoes and sweet onion, I think these kabobs will turn out to be another household hit! As for sides, I'm considering my mother's guacamole recipe (which isn't so much a recipe as it is mixing ingredients to taste) and store bought blue tortilla chips.

To marinates, cookouts, July 4th, and healthy eating!

So, what's for dinner? :)

For the morning chicken marinade recipe (and those fantastic chicken tacos), click here.


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