Saturday, January 18, 2014

Goals for 2014...and Beyond!

I know I recently mentioned sitting down and writing out an actual goal list (versus resolutions, at which I completely suck). My first goal was to finish this task- write down some goals and figure out why I wanted to do them and/or how I would be getting there. The goals themselves will be mainstays, and hopefully you'll see them start to unfold here on Daily Juggle. However, as I've finally begun to grasp in life (hey, give me a break here...I'm only 23!), the route by which I make it to said goals is totally subject to change. Here goes, well, everything!

This looks promising, yes?

Numero uno - Get myself on a dang budget!
I'm a service member with an organization, so I get a "living allowance". Translation: I make very little money. However, I am thankful for the income that I do have, and I REALLY need to work on managing it better. I started today by working out how much I spend on regular necessary expenses, like wine (I'm just kidding...sort of), electricity, rent, etc., as well as a schedule to pay those bills on, how much I need to save per allowance check, and how much disposable income I have to go to places  that serve lots of beer and pizza. I know, I know...I'm working on it, alright...

Nombre DEUX! - Eat well balanced, be well balanced.

I love food and love to cook, and while I find mixing up Kaden's allergy-free diet as an interesting challenge, there are often flavors and recipes that I miss. My reaction to this is similar to binging after a fad diet - I load on the butter and cheese, I eat wheat-filled breads, engulf ridiculous amounts of chocolate, and so on and so forth. 
My purpose here is to try to insert more whole foods into my diet, eat more fruits and veggies with every meal, and get healthy grains in my system while also enjoying things that I love in moderation. I want to still enjoy eating and the experience. The food needs to be healthy, but I'd also like to think I can enrich my life with good flavors and trying new things. Fun fun fun!

Besides this, I will work out five days a week starting with 15 minutes and working my way to 30 minutes per day. My "work out" can be in the comfort of my own home (squats while watching Scandal), a sunny walk outside with Kaden, or yoga with friends. It's in my calendar as an event. Thou shalt not skip days. 

Three. - Dress for success... and look like myself.
Let me explain...I love me some Scandal and some Olivia Pope. I love the character's wardrobe with her tailored suits, her heels, and subtle yet pretty jewelry. You know what I don't like wearing so often, though? Tailored suits. I can get down with separates, but honestly they're not always my thing.

What I will be doing is taking a note from Olivia's soft colors in her wardrobe and add those to the navy, tan and black thing I've got going on in my closet. Also, those incredibly romantic coats. Yes, count me in! I imagine my closet looks like this: pretty. yet comfortable separates (like beautiful flawy blouses, straight leg trousers, and longer cardigans), which are better suited for my life and personality. Meanwhile, I'll imagine I'm a gladiator in a suit while Scandal plays on my laptop and I sit in yoga pants drinking tea.

Quatro! - Work on mindfulness and meditation for both Kaden and me.
My mom gave me this little book called Sitting Still Like a Frog (more on this later) that has techniques on teaching mindfulness to yourself and your children. I think it's such a great idea -- I have a tendency to freak out with tough personal situations, and I think both me and my active child need to learn ways to be in the moment and handle life a little better. We will work through the book twice a week and get a hold of ourselves one exercise at a time.

Nombre cinq - Get my apartment decorated and organized.
Seriously, it's time. We moved in in September, and while Kaden's room is getting there, I feel like my living room is still a box with mix-matched furniture and no storage. And let's not even discuss my bedroom.

I'll be posting some ideas here on The Daily Juggle...feel free to help along the way! I will definitely need it!

Number Six. - Develop The Daily Juggle
After going over it again and again in my head, I decided to dive head first back into the blog. I'm concerned about it struggling during my final college semester, which begins on Tuesday. Instead of worrying myself to death, I'm going to allow myself to write what I want, make mistakes, and learn post by post.

I've posted quite a bit this week, but that will be changing slightly. The idea is to continue posting regularly at the rate of two posts per week. I'd also like to start doing a roundup of things that I find around the web and of ideas that I have...possibly for a weekend post or something for you guys to browse while waiting for posts. I know I can occasionally get a little impatient in between my favorite blogs' posts. They're just so good!

So, these are my top six goals for 2014 (five sounded better, but they all needed to fit!). I may add more later, but I think these things will help me get and keep my life on track. This is going to be great, I can feel it!

Are you guys for resolutions or goals? Do you make boards, put up sticky notes, or write in journals to keep yourself on track? I'll be checking back in at some point...and I'll be honest about what's going on. Scout's honor.

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