Saturday, January 11, 2014

Something's in the Water...

I've been dying to write and haven't had my laptop in what feels like ages! I'm back just in time to discuss the water situation we've been going through for the past couple of days...

The chemical company Freedom Industries, which apparently manufactures chemicals to process coal, had a major leak into the Elk River close to a water treatment plant. The leaked chemical flowed downstream into said water treatment plant, and continued into the tap water causing widespread water contamination throughout several counties in West Virginia. Of course, we live in one of the many affected counties, and are amongst 300,000 people without fresh tap water. 

We're in a state of emergency at the moment, but the situation isn't quite as dire as it was the other day (think fist-fighting over crates of bottled water at your local supermarket). The contaminated water smells like licorice (imagine that! It's incredibly weird), causes a bunch of side-effects including vomiting, skin irritation, and upper-respiratory issues, and can only be used for flushing the toilet and to put out fires. That means no laundry, no bathing, no cooking, no drinking...not even boiling will help. 

We have enough water for our family and a bit to spare in case neighbors are in need. In the meantime, I've bought a few fashion magazines so I can veg out. Maybe I'll go read 50 Shades of Grey!

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