Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Fig House L.A.

A little over a month ago, Emily Henderson (one of those really awesome designers that I'd love to follow me through every move in my life so she could design and style all of my things) posted an easy holiday cocktail party how-to, and it blew me away. The colors, laid back choice of food, ambiance, etc. was all stunning, yet super fun. But what the heck was this awesome place she had styled up with it's curated art, funky furniture, and beautiful wooden pieces? Enter The Fig House L.A...

The photos from the party were a sort of sneak peek into the completed project by Emily Henderson and the team, so I've been steadily looking out for the finished project. ANDDDDD she just posted the opening party! Am I being dramatic???

Well, I don't care! Look at this place!!!!
Fig House from Shark Pig on Vimeo.

I love how the space is just seething with excitement and fun! I live all the way across the country, but I would love to throw some sort of shindig there...So. Many. Ideas.

If you'd like to see photos of The Fig House with stills of party animals (and a few of just the space and it's amazing art pieces), visit the blog Style by Emily Henderson here!

Seriously, though. Isn't it just lovely?

*Original photos by Tessa Neustadt for Style by Emily Henderson. Video by Shark Pig on Vimeo

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