Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Professional Children's Photos

 Do you all have professional pictures of your kids done (besides school picture day)?

I have always felt so guilty for not getting K--'s professional pictures done. I know families who get annual holiday photos, birthday photos, it's Thursday afternoon at 6:30 pm and there was a really great deal photos...

One day I was doing a little self-loathing (mental note: I've got to stop that) and talking about how I never do the photograph thing, when an amazing friend of mine said the most comforting thing that went something like this: 

"You take at least one picture of your child every day while he is doing things that describe him, that show how great he is, and that lock in you guys' experience as mother and son. These are your life's moments, and you don't need a studio for that."

Not that we'll never get professional pictures done, but I'd much more prefer the picture above, or something like this...!
Do you book professional photograph sessions for your kids, or are you a renegade home picture kind of a person? 

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