Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The 2014 Mini Gift Guide

We're already done with the first week of December! There are gift guide posts left and right, and I'm loving the thoughtful packages (and quirky descriptions of the gift receivers!) that bloggers are putting together. My version is perhaps a little shorter, and consists of a few gifts that a) I'd love to give and/or receive and b) are really cool, maybe a tad weird, and most of all, fairly affordable. Let's just go with it, shall we?

For your artsy old college best friend who hangs at coffee shops and blogs on her laptop:

Gorgeous and super stylish Macbook decals by creativedecalskin Etsy shop - $19.99. The better to blog with.

For your weepy kind-hearted brother who loves to entertain and makes great cocktails:

Black King Cube Ice Trays - $8.69, for huge ice cubes that will keep his and his wife's cocktails and beer cold while they sip, chat, and entertain friends.

For your resident boho-chic friend who always gets that laid back yet fabulous look just right:

Bauble Bar's Pave Zodiac Constellation Pendant, available in each zodiac sign - $36.00

For your Apartment Therapy obsessed little sister who is just moving into her first space (dorm, apartment, hole in the wall, etc.):

Balloons over the city - maybesparrowphotography on Society6

Her favorite Society6 print to start her new blooming art collection. They're also currently offering free worldwide shipping! Prints start around $17.00

Your incredibly outdoorsy boyfriend who has a green thumb and adores mushrooms (this is the total opposite of my boyfriend, fyi):

An organic shiitake mushroom log so he can grow, harvest (and roast) his own mushrooms. $32.00 at shopterrain.com

For your little cousin, who amazes you with his vocabulary at age 7 and tells super awesome corny jokes:

Classic Jenga, so anyone and everyone can play and you can teach him how to trash talk early...respectfully, of course ;) - $11.99

For your dad, who is a self-proclaimed carnivore:

image: Buzzfeed

An array of dried meats, cheeses, olives, and toasty breads from your local specialty store or market so your Pops can snack and watch sports all Christmas afternoon. 

And for your mom, who would simply love to spend more time doing fun things with you:

Image: April Noble for Uncork & Create (Charleston, WV)

A cooking or art class to do together in your city, like this pie-making one or this canvas art one. Extra credit points if you can bring (or be served) grown-up beverages!

I hope you gather some inspiration from some of this gift picks! Happy holidays <3

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