Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 10 Rituals to Start Your Day: A Series

The other day my mom sent me an email that listed the top 10 rituals you can do yourself that will change your life. I've just gone through it, and decided that it could be a cool idea for me to do a couple per week (since I bombed the Apartment Therapy Style Cure).

I'm starting with number two on the list, but you can find the full list here.

Today's task: Wake Up Earlier. 

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Bleh. I generally wake up somewhere between 6:00 and 6:45 am because I am not a morning person, despite countless attempts to become one. Someday...

I woke up around 5:00 am, shocked at how quickly I bounced out of the bed. Maybe I just never fell asleep (which is an honest to God possibility)? I made myself a cup of coffee, finished cleaning my kitchen as I was too lazy to complete it the night before, and "got dressed up to shoes". This saying is one I got from my mother, who swore by Fly Lady systems to organize her life a few years back. It's simple, really: get fully dressed and put your shoes on as well, since it (hopefully) gets you going on your mission.

I packed K's lunch (which I know I should totally do the night before, but what do you want from me?!), cooked breakfast, and sat down to enjoy my tea. It. Was. Silent.

I woke K around 6:30, which surprisingly gave him a better attitude then being pissed that he overslept and having me bark orders as we walked out the door. He was 15 minutes early for school WHICH NEVER HAPPENS, and I was 10 minutes early for work. THIS. JUST. MIGHT. WORK.

My energy level was also pretty good throughout the day, and I must say that having that extra time in the morning to sit and be still is pretty blissful. I felt so much more relaxed than usual; I'm well known for running down the hallway to try to clock in before 8:01 am. This is SO much better.

Day One Ritual: 1    My Ridiculous Morning Antics: 0

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