Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Quickest Advice...

I've been clicking down the rabbit hole of Cup of Jo's posts (I've been following Joanna Goddard's blog since 2009! She's so rad) and came across this simple post from years ago with the quickest, yet most profound, advice.


Speaking to an individual she knew who had asked someone for "the most memorable advice she'd been given", that person simply stated that the advice was, "You can have the life you want."

It sounds like such a cinch, but when I write down my dreams and think about how hard I'm working for them (and how far off they often seem), the idea of settling or just going with the flow seems so much easier and more attainable.

Tidbits like this make me feel so much more capable, as though I'm not just some pawn taking up space in the world, but rather that my life (not only) has meaning BUT can also be what I want it to be.

Now for the hard work and perseverance. XO

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