Thursday, March 26, 2015

30 Before 30

I used to have an annual tradition of putting my yearly goals on these crazy mood boards with magazine clippings, glitter, bright get the jest. They're super fun to make, and it was nice to look up at it occasionally and count the things that I'd accomplished.

Bucket lists always felt a bit distant and slightly morbid (I know, ridiculous), but a 30 before 30 seemed like I could make really big goals and save up or work hard for those things. I've got 5 years to go, and my list so far is JAM PACKED. Here's a few of my at times ridiculous, occasionally food-centric 30 before 30 list

1. Learn to sew.
2. Learn to knit.
3. Grow my own produce.
4. Learn to can.
5. Become semi-fluent in French or Spanish. (What does semi-fluency sound like? Let's find out!)

6. Begin writing my memoir.
7. Have a credit score of --
8. Get damn good at interior design.
9. Take my little one overseas! What adventures await us :)

11. Be able to live comfortably within my means.
12. Foster an animal (or two).
13. Eat my way around some place in Asia!
14. Become well-versed in African cultures and their history pre-colonialism.
15. Become a mentor.

16. Have another baby - fur or human <3
17. Go to a music festival!
18. Have caipirinhas while being barefoot on a beach.
19.Read the canon and my women's lit list.
20. Send flowers to my mom.

21. Live in another state in the U.S. (double points if it were abroad!).
22. Throw a party with gorgeous cocktails.
23. Master working hard towards my future goals/life while being happy in the present.
24. Collect mismatched China for my kitchen.
25. Buy a long-term piece of furniture that I LOVE.

26. Go hiking!
27. Practice yoga.
28. Learn to meditate.
29. ...
30. ...

I have TWO more to fill up! What's your 30 before 30 (or any other age range) list look like? What should my other two be?!?!

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