Friday, March 6, 2015

Let's Be Candid...

In an effort to blog about things that are relevant to my life (and hopefully yours, too), I thought I'd write some candid posts here and there. They won't necessarily have any advice in them or anything like that, but more so will be a place where I can bring up some topics that are puzzling or troubling me at the moment.
Mimosas and questionable looks...

So today, I'll ask: what in the hell am I supposed to be doing at 25?!

I live in West Virginia, where lots of my friends (some younger than me) are settling down, getting married, having children, buying houses and cars, setting up retirement funds...

Did you see my last post where I'm still trying to pay my rent? Seriously.

Because of where I live, at times I feel the pressure to know exactly what I want for the rest of my life and to take these huge steps. When I say I'm between a couple of different ideas for the field I'd love to go into, I do get the "that's normal" response from most people close to me. But I occasionally receive a side eye that makes me wonder, "Is my head in the right place?".

Meanwhile, I read Fast Company and Glamour Magazine and see 25 year olds who own businesses and are executives in their particular field. I mean, did you make your business plan at age 12??? What. The. Hell.

The marriage thing is something I'm more comfortable dodging. I do have a married older brother after all...and I survived the reception without punching anyone who said, "So, when are YOU tying the knot? Got a man yet?!"

I'm really just trudging along, trying to figure it all out without freaking out. Where in the world should I be and what the heck should I be doing at 25, anyway??

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