Monday, March 16, 2015

Design Idea: Hanging Wall Treatments

The space isn't really calling for anything traditionally framed, but rather something to bring some color and/or texture into that corner.

I adore the wall hangings that are all the rage right now; I think they're absolutely gorgeous. BUT my little pockets don't want to dish out $150+ for a wall hanging (even if it is really, really pretty). So I went searching for alternatives! Here are a few that I've found (along with a couple of other options).

I love these delicately patterned origami cranes from MadeByJo - $30...

MadeByJo Etsy Shop

Or how about this DIY paper lantern and straw mobile from Oh Joy!? Seriously, how fun!

Maybe a dream catcher is more up your alley? This handmade rustic beauty is from Handmade by Fofo (it can sit on a flat surface, too!). - $50

If you just can't get the wall hanging itch out of your system, you could lean toward a slightly more boho free form look, like this beauty that's also from Handmade by Fofo. - $58

Photo: Handmade by Fofo Etsy Shop

I also found some really awesome wall treatment ideas here if you'd like to take a peek!

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